Contemporary British artist and photographer Keith Arnatt (b. UK, 1930-2008) and his photographic series Pictures from a rubbish tip (1988-9) portrays images of decomposing birthday cake, left over spaghetti, bread and plastic food wrappers in conceptual still life arrangements within a rubbish tip environment. Arnatt’s work informs my current art practice as similarly we share the aim of trying to change the stereotyped perception of the viewer. I was drawn to his portrayal as a juxtaposed modern day influential intake on seventeenth century Dutch still life, where the contemporary food matter is stale looking, broken, crumbling and covered in bits of dirt as opposed to the rich and sensual fruits typically portrayed. Arnatt has composed and photographed the decaying cake sitting upon plastic bags, as Dutch artists would have done when composing and painting a fruit bowl on a table. Arnatt has taken his subject and re-arranged it within this existing habitat to create a new setting, re-presenting the unconventional to allow us to review its repugnant connotations and observe the aesthetic beauty. His use of food materials was the initial starting point for my use of fruit, taking something we consider to be pleasant and something we consume and portraying it within its decayed form through an aesthetically beautiful representation of something repugnant.